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Aasen, Daisy May
Aasen, Melvin Arnold
Aasen, Orville Morris
Aasen, Ruby May
Abbott, Reginald James
Ackerman, Douglas W
Adams, Allan
Adams, Charles J
Adams, Flora
Adams, Jessie
Adams, Joseph Alexander
Adams, Kenneth Delmar
Adams, Patrick Leonard
Adams, Walter
Adams, Walter Alfred
Adel, Chad Eric
Aebly, Edwin Charles
Aebly, Ethel Grace
Aebly, Muriel Anita
Aebly, Randy Lee
Aebly, Wayne
Affleck, Frances Darlene Marie
Agerskov, Jenny Mette
Ainlay, John R
Ainlay, Josiah S
Airth, Andrew
Airth, James Robert
Airth, Robert
Albert, Elmer Calvin
Albert, Helen
Albert, John Bert
Albert, Joseph
Albert, Lindy William
Albert, Robert Bruce
Alberts, Benton Parker
Alberts, Edward S
Alberts, Marion
Alberts, Natalie Isabel
Alberts, Samuel Edward
Albertson, Ethel Mae
Albertson, Ethel Mae 2
Albertson, Herbert Vernon
Albertson, Louise Ella
Albertson, Melvin Willoughby
Albertson, Nelson
Albright, Anne
Albright, Edward
Albright, Herman
Albright, Joseph Edward
Albright, Lydia Johana
Albright, Walter
Albush, Gustav Henry
Albush, Raymond Gustaf
Alcock, Audrey May
Alcock, Earl Martin
Alcock, Earl Martin 2
Alcock, Elsie Agnes
Alcock, John Samuel
Aldous, Barbara Ann
Aleman, Mozes
Alguire, Garnet
Allcock, Ernest
Allcock, James Albert
Allen, Alma Janet
Allen, Annie Peterina
Allen, Carolyn Mabel
Allen, Joyce Annette
Allen, Norman Dwayne
Allen, Verna Marian
Amulung, Jeltje
Amulung, Willen
Anderberg, Andre
Anderberg, Anton K
Anderberg, Bertha Annie
Anderberg, Donald
Anderberg, Donald Maxwell Sr
Anderberg, Ellen
Anderberg, Gordon Fife
Anderberg, Nannie M
Anderberg, Nannie M 2
Anderberg, Olaus Peter
Anderberg, Tilda
Anderberg, Violet May
Andersen, Anna
Andersen, Viggo
Anderson, Agnes M
Anderson, Anne Louise
Anderson, Bertha Elizabeth
Anderson, Catherine Elizabeth
Anderson, Charles John
Anderson, Daniel
Anderson, Donald Lachlan
Anderson, Donald Mark
Anderson, Donna May
Anderson, Dorthea Elizabeth
Anderson, Edith Jeanette
Anderson, Edwin Albin
Anderson, Einar
Anderson, Einar Raymond
Anderson, Ellen Abertina
Anderson, Elmer Odin
Anderson, Ernest L
Anderson, Eva
Anderson, Frederick William
Anderson, Gary Richard
Anderson, George Alexander
Anderson, Gregory Dales
Anderson, Gustave Adolph
Anderson, Harvey T
Anderson, Helen
Anderson, Helen Matilda
Anderson, Ida Blanche
Anderson, Ingebor Otelia
Anderson, James Robert
Anderson, Jerry R
Anderson, Joe
Anderson, John
Anderson, John Z
Anderson, Leah Edith
Anderson, Lelia McVicar
Anderson, Mary
Anderson, Maurice Glenn
Anderson, Nels Peter
Anderson, Ole Johann
Anderson, Raymond McLean
Anderson, Robert
Anderson, Robert Murrell
Anderson, Ronald Victor
Anderson-Walker, Margaret Ann
Andreaschuk, Anne
Andres, Joyce Gertrude
Andrew, Brad William
Andrews, Charles Wesley
Andrews, Jacqueline May
Andrews, Martha Gladys
Andrews, Vera Araminta
Andrews, Vera Gloria
Andronyk, Jack Joseph
Andrus, Doan Clifford
Andrus, Ethel Mildred
Andrus, Lane Elmer
Andrus, Philip John
Andrus, William Theodore
Andruschak, Dennis
Ankrum, Harry Vasco
Ankrum, Mabel Leona
Anthony, Robert Malbourne
Archibald, Olive Edna
Archibald, W Roy
Argut, Helmut Elmo
Armbruster, Benjamin J
Armbruster, Karen Lee
Armstrong, Alfred
Armstrong, Anna Amatine
Armstrong, Francis
Armstrong, Frederick Herbert
Armstrong, Jocalyn Elizabeth
Armstrong, Patricia Mae
Armstrong-Chudleigh, Rosemary
Arneson, James Martin
Arnett, Timothy A
Arundel, John
Asher, Barbara Jean
Asher, Ellen Wingate
Ashford, Harry
Askin, Joseph Russell
Asplund, Garnet Reed
Assmus, Linda Louise
Atem, Lina Aluk Deng
Atkinson, Paul
Ayling, Florence